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Plan20 is a powerful web service that can rapidly schedule complex diaries. Finding the optimal diary is simple. Sending us your appointments and receive back an optimsed diary & route

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Plan20 is exposed as a web service. This allows it to be embedded into any software. Simply send your request to one of our servers using a variety of popular communication methods



Plan20 can process an unlimited number of resources and appointments. Diaries can be processed in seconds, instead of minutes or hours manually.



After we have done the hard work you get back an easy-to-read diary with optimal route planning incorporated. You too can have Embeded & Sophisicated Scheduling in your own application


Why use Plan20?

Manage any number of resources

Accurate travel-time planning

The system incorporates up-to-date road data to calculate travel times between appointments, as opposed to crude direct-line-of-sight calculations. This improves the accuracy of the diary as it compensates for geographical constraints such as bridges and one-way roads. It also eliminates the need for planners to know each area

Supports flexible appointment windows

Appointments with large planning windows (e.g. “Schedule any time in March”) can be catered for along-side appointments with small planning windows (e.g. “Schedule for March 5th AM”) as each appointment contains its own planning window to provide the ultimate flexibility.

Customisable diary styles

Every solution requires its own configuration to produce the most appropriate diary for that scenario. Diaries can be biased towards the most efficient solution (using as few resources as possible) or the most balanced workload (dividing the workload equally among all resources), for example.

Embed sophisticated scheduling right into your existing applications

Plan20 is exposed as a webservice. This allows it to be embedded into any software – there is no need for users to work with different software. Maps can also be embedded to provide a visual aid of the planned diary.


Do more with less effort and less resource

Save on planner staff costs

Reduce the stress of planning for deadlines

Start the day earlier with staff deployed from their home address

Keep staff busy – reducing dead time

Share accurate information with your customers

Hit deadlines – keeping customers happy

Deploy the right resources – get the job done on one visit

Save on spiraling fuel costs

Lower your carbon emissions!



Planning a diary for a large number of resources requires a lot of calculation. Manual planning can often achieve good results but is time consuming and requires intimate knowledge of road networks. Typical approaches use zoning for resources (such as postcodes zones) to ensure that work is given to an nearby resource.

However this is usually a very inefficient solution as the zones do not map directly onto the resource’s geographical position. Our scheduler can determine the best route for all the events provided for any number of resources. You can also use the system to evaluate the optimal number of resources for any given diary.

Optimal planning for multiple days

Some requirements often need the planning staff to decide on a specific date for an appointment. Planning multiple days at once can be very complex and lead to inefficient results. Our solution can plan any number of days at once and optimise the travel between those appointments.




Who can use


Field service based businesses

Fleet managers

Anyone – even individuals

The Process

You define your resources

You set your target appointment windows

You send everything to us!

We do the calculations based on rules you define

We send you back a diary for each resource with the most optimal routing

You get the jobs done. On time.